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Why You Should Get Paella Catering In Sydney For Your Next Event

corporate event

If you are planning any kind of big event, it’s a good idea to think about what people are going to be eating. Feeding your guests is basically an obligation if you are hosting an event that goes on for several hours, and it has the bonus of keeping people there instead of them leaving to grab a bite to eat somewhere else (and maybe not coming back).

While you have many options for feeding your guests, the following will tell you the reasons why you should use the best paella catering in Sydney for your next event.


1.    It’s different from the norm

How many times have you been to a party or work function and saw the same old spread of pizzas or sandwiches? While these are in no-way bad options, they’re a bit unoriginal and people have grown to expect something like that.

However, paella catering in Sydney is something that does not typically spring to mind when most people in Australia think of food for an event. It’s not only a different kind of food to the norm, but it’s also a different kind of experience than what people are used to, and we’ll get into why next.


2.    It’s a unique experience

Anyone who’s used paella catering in Sydney before will tell you that the unique experience it gives guests is almost as valuable as the food itself. If you didn’t know, this authentic Spanish saffron rice-based dish is cooked in large pans (like, really large) that everyone gathers around and scoops a bowl from.

It has a really rustic and traditional appeal to it that can really make your event much more memorable for everyone who attends. The giant pans would almost be comedic if they weren’t so useful for cooking a large amount of delicious food in a novel way.

If you are hosting a corporate networking event, you’ll get a lot of free publicity when people talk about the novel experience of your paella catering in Sydney. There will no doubt be heaps of Instagram posts with photos of the delicious food being cooked and the smiling chefs who do the job.


3.    It’s cooked fresh

Paella in a bowl

Of course, one of the key advantages of paella catering in Sydney is that it’s cooked fresh right in front of your guests. This creates more of a connection between your guests and the food they will be eating as they will be much closer to it.

Your guests will love the fact that the food is cooked directly in front of them, and they will simply have a much better experience because of it. Getting rave reviews from people about your paella catering in Sydney is going to make people more likely to attend future events.


4. It’s affordable

Paella catering in Sydney is also very affordable when compared with many other options out there. Even the smaller pan sizes will feed a lot of people, so you can really optimise it so that you get the best value for money and don’t end up with heaps of leftovers the represent money wasted.

This can be very important if you are working within a tight budget and need to justify every dollar spent. This is the perfect solution that gives you a vibrant and entertaining food experience for your guests while making sure you spend as little money as possible.

All in all, paella catering in Sydney is an excellent option when you need food for an event, but you want to do something that’s a little different and much more memorable.