Dentist performing wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave

What To Expect From A Wisdom Teeth Removal In Mulgrave

Dentist performing wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave

A wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave consists of numerous different stages which ultimately leads to the separation of tooth from the mouth. At some point in anyone’s life, they will experience pain in the mouth. This is because it is a natural process that occurs; however, we have evolved past needing certain types of tooth, and the only thing they do now is cause pain when they grow. A wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave is required to remove the tooth in order to eliminate the pain involved with the growth, as is expected. Before going into any sort of extraction, you will want to know what is expected. Within this extraction, the dentist will go through a number of stages to extract the tooth, which will make the procedure easier.

Here is what to expect from the best wisdom teeth removal Mulgrave procedure.

Anaesthetize the patient

The first thing that needs to be done is to numb the patient completely. Depending on the type of procedure, or the patient themselves, the practitioner may choose to only numb the area or to put them under completely. This choice can depend on a number of things, primarily which choice the patient wants and if the patient is averse to medications which may affect anesthesia. wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave can be painful without medication of some sort, and as such it is important to either be numb or unconscious when wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave is underway. When numb, the patient will still feel the physical sensation of someone pulling at the tooth, but no pain. When unconscious, they will feel nothing until they wake up. There will always be pain after a wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave procedure, however this can be managed and is nowhere near the pain level of feeling the tooth being removed.

The actual procedure

Female patient getting a wisdom teeth removal procedure

The actual procedure of wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave is very simple. The practitioner just has to get a big pair of pliers, hold the tooth and pull and move it until it comes out of the socket. If it all goes smoothly, the actual procedure should only take 15-20 minutes. However, sometimes the tooth may be growing in an awkward and unnatural direction, and in this case it may require surgery to remove properly. This can obviously take a longer time, and will involve cutting of the gums to remove the tooth precisely. Wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave can be uncomfortable if you are numb, as you will feel the physical sensation of a tooth being pulled on, but it will not take a long time as it will not require surgery.

After the procedure

After wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave, you cannot eat any solid or hot foods. It is highly recommended to eat only yoghurt and other similar foods, as these foods are cold and are not solid in any form. This may seem extreme and a rather bland diet, however it is very important to allow the socket to heal properly. Hot and solid foods and be painful in an empty socket which is healing, and may dislodge the blood clot that has formed in order to protect the socket while it heals. This can lead to a number of issues, especially a ‘cold socket’, where the nerve endings are exposed and can be very painful. Furthermore, smoking and vaping is discouraged for the first 48 hours, as the inhaling motion and air pressure within the mouth caused by this activity can remove the blood clot on the socket, leading to cold socket.

In summary, wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave is a simple procedure, but one that should still be treated with care. Following the aftercare instructions is vital after wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave, in order to avoid further pain and complications.