Shower box design

The Main Benefits Of Using A Shower Box In Your Bathroom

Shower box design

If you are building your new dream home, or considering renovating your house and are looking to modernise your bathroom, then a shower box design is a consideration you should make. Bathtubs and bath trays are common but are no match when it comes to a shower box in terms of functionality, and sometimes even aesthetics. More and more often are people converting their bathtubs into a shower box, and never the other way around. They have become outdated and are not as functional as their counterpart, and many of them exist simply for the aesthetic look or for those every so often bath bomb adventures.

Regardless, the functionality of the bathtub is outdated and we are going to explain the main benefits of using a shower box in your bathroom.


It is much safer than a bathtub

I think we can all agree that a shower box is definitely safer than a bathtub.

When climbing in or out of a bathtub, you are on a very slippery surface with nothing for support. There is a likelihood of slipping and injuring yourself.
This can result in injuries which can range from mild to serious, as the hard surface of a bathroom floor in combination with the structure of the bathtub will not end well with the human body. While it can be argued that a shower box poses the risk of slips and falls as well, it has support for the body in the form of walls which will likely make your fall very short and significantly reduce the risk of injury. The nature of stepping in and out of a bathtub is also inherently more risky than stepping in and out of a shower box.

For these reasons, it is a much safer investment and functional tool.


Easier to maintain

Shower room

Climbing over a bathtub rail to clean the bottom with a towel or sponge is an experience that is frustrating every single time. It is definitely easier to maintain a shower box than it is a bathtub. With a bathtub, you have to lean over the railings in an awkward and uncomfortable position, whereas the shower box simply requires the walls and floor to be mopped and scrubbed thoroughly and then it is ready to go again. For those who are not too cleaning inclined, it is a definite step up from the bathtub and it can be done in less than 10 minutes. It is also less likely to have issues such as mould growth or harder to reach areas to clean. Thereby, it is easier to maintain and you should definitely consider this when building your house or renovating your bathroom.


It is more environmentally friendly

The average time spent in a shower box is 5 minutes, and this uses considerably less water than a bathtub will. Having water running over you for 5 minutes will definitely use less water than filling up a bathtub will.

As a result, you will be more environmentally friendly and will be lessening your carbon footprint by a lot. In addition to this, unless your bathtub is big, you will not be very comfortable in there and will be wasting more water than is necessary. In these modern times with climate change being a big issue, it is important for everyone to take their environmental accountability into consideration, and a good way to do this is to stop using a bathtub.


In summary, a shower box provides many benefits and advantages over a bathtub. These should be taken into consideration when building your new home or renovating your bathroom.