The Key Advantages Of Hiring A Consulting Arborist

Hiring a specialist in trees like a consulting arborist can be an essential course of action for a variety of reasons. They are certified specialists when it comes to assessing the health of trees and making professional recommendations regarding what to do about trees on any property. They have expertise in making assessments that determine which trees need to be preserved and kept healthy, and which may need to be removed before they create more significant problems.

The following will list the main advantages of hiring a consulting arborist to help you deal with the trees you have on your property.

Tree pruning

A certified consulting arborist knows what needs to be done when it comes to pruning trees in order to improve, and/or maintain their overall health. This includes the appearance of the tree, as well as how safe it is to have on the site.

Pruning may be required to help train younger trees to develop a stronger structure. To reduce the size of limbs to allow more air and light to flow through the tree canopy. To remove damaged or deteriorating limbs before they fall on their own and potentially cause damage or injury. Remove limbs that are rubbing against structures, hanging too low, or wounding one another. Improve the structure to reduce the chance of damage in a storm. Take the weight off the end of a limb that’s excessive. Or create a better shape for a tree that is damaged.

Tree planting

Tree planting is another area that consulting arborists specialise in. They know the right place for trees to be planted, as well as what the best procedure is for doing it is. If the wrong kind of tree is planted in the wrong place, in the wrong way, then it can cause all kinds of problems in the future that are going to be more expensive to resolve.

Planting large trees needs special expertise and equipment to be done correctly and avoid future issues. It’s, therefore, a good idea to hire a consulting arborist to advise you on and supervise the process of planting trees on your property.

Tree health management

Another role that a consulting arborist specialises in is the care and maintenance of trees to make sure that they have good health overall. Making sure that a tree is cared for properly and remains healthy will help to be protected against insects, diseases and other problems that can plague trees.

A consulting arborist can do several things when it comes to protecting the health of trees. This includes health and safety evaluations, pest management that includes injection or spray programs, alterations needed to improve the growth of roots and avoid compaction, pruning (as mentioned), soil amendment and fertilisation, as well as irrigation on a seasonal basis.

Emergency services for trees

consulting arborist at work

Difficult weather such as storms can lead to limbs falling of trees, or cause trees to fall entirely. It’s no secret that a falling tree, or even just a single branch, can cause damage to people, buildings, property, and other trees.

Once a tree is downed, it is much harder to deal with. If this happens, a consulting arborist will be essential to ensure that the tree is dealt with properly.

A consulting arborist knows that special care needs to be taken when limbs of trees are entangled with electricity lines due to a storm. Trees can carry electricity and be very dangerous when this kind of situation occurs.

There are obviously several advantages to hiring a consulting arborist when it comes to dealing with the health of trees on your property.