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The 3 Different Materials That Make Artificial Grass In Adelaide

There is much to be said about the utility of fake alternatives to our lawns. The stigma on what is and isn’t real goes beyond a simple visual aesthetic these days, with a tremendous focus now being laid on the concept of environmentally friendly alternatives. Never has there been such variety for the artificial grass in Adelaide available that can be used in a variety of different scenarios as a realistic and more environmentally friendly option.

Today we will consider a few of the options for artificial grass in Adelaide that’s available and explore their utility in the real world.

Different Materials For Artificial Grass In Adelaide

There are several materials that comprise the artificial grass in Adelaide, oftentimes it will be a combination of different layers to evoke a different look or feel, as always, it depends on each situation. Needless to say, no blade is made equally and each one has its own little setbacks and boosts to factor in.

1.   Nylon

The strongest and sturdiest of the bunch, nylon is infamous in the fake lawn industry as the most durable and tensile material typically used in artificial grass in Adelaide. Withstanding exorbitant temperatures and unassailably heavy loads. It retains a very nice green coloring and lasts for an exceedingly long time without much care required.

The tradeoff with this particular type of artificial grass in Adelaide is the texture being quite unnatural and stiff, thus making it not as popular for backyards and common areas. It also has the unfortunate reputation for being the most expensive option currently available on the market, due to its strength and durable lifespan.

One way that this material is utilised around the home is by creating a putting section with the lawn, due to its resemblance to a golf green, it replicates the real sensation rather well. The strength of nylon is also advantageous to be used in conjunction with another style of fake lawn to give a boost in strength and overall volume, for which, nothing comes close.

2.   Polyethylene

Home with artificial grass in Adelaide

This is the natural-looking artificial grass in Adelaide without a doubt, very popular with homeowners and pet owners due to its natural look, soft feeling, and non-absorbent nature. It’s the jack of all trades when it comes to artificial grass in Adelaide as its ability to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear if the right price is paid. It’s also quite easy to clean with only a simple raking every now and then to keep the perkiness and blades upright. Again, if the budget is spent accordingly, you’ll have very little to worry about in the long term.

This particular style of artificial grass in Adelaide is primarily dominant in the home environment, with many homeowners looking for alternatives to their lawns opting for polyethylene due to its naturalistic look.

3.   Polypropylene

We come to the final budgetary option for artificial grass in Adelaide, not only is it the least expensive of all the above options, but it is also, unfortunately, the least durable and usable in an outdoor setting. Unable to withstand a lot of heat or foot traffic, the budget alternative is more akin to decoration than a realistic alternative for an already existing lawn. It is however perfect for apartment blocks and indoor pet areas where temperature control is not an issue.

There were the three main derivatives you’ll find in creating artificial grass in Adelaide, there are a few ways to combine and create different looks and feels depending on what use you have for them.