best jade necklace New Zealand

Picking The Perfect Jade Necklace New Zealand Stores Have In Stock

The Jade necklace New Zealand has been highly valued by stone workers around the world for centuries, thanks to its smoothness and versatility. Depending on what culture it is, the jade stone encompasses several representations and meanings.

Most often, the stone is used to symbolize harmony, virtue and eternity. It is no wonder that the demand for stones as pendants has risen in recent years, following this knowledge. As more people buy into the idea of jade necklaces and pendants as jewellery, the demand for pieces that accentuate their individuality has risen equally.

In today’s article, we shall share a few tips on things to do when searching for the best necklace New Zealand has to offer.

  1. Evaluate Properly

Consider that not all jade is the same. The ones that are translucent, colourful, and smooth to the touch are the best to purchase. 

A particular shade of green jade, often known as imperial jade, is the most expensive and sought-after jade. 

Paying attention to what colour the stones are is necessary to ensure you get the best jade necklace New Zealand has in store for you.

  1. Choose The Best Cut

Jade is a flexible stone that may be carved and shaped into a variety of designs. 

It is simple to carve and does not fracture, split, or flake while carving due to the fine-grained crystalline structure of the material.

Jade of the highest calibre is typically carved into cabochons for use in jewellery. 

The same can be said of any jade necklace New Zealand produces, beautifully polished and calibrated to appeal to the aesthetic sense of the buyer.

  1. Choose The Right Weight

Thanks to the density of the Jade stone, it usually weighs more than its other counterparts. 

Meaning that if we got a jade stone with the same dimensions as a diamond, the jade will weigh much higher, hence it is measured in millimetres as opposed to carats.

Choosing the right weight for your neck is as equally important as any other characteristic. 

You wouldn’t want the burden of the heaviest jade necklace New Zealand has ever seen to rest on one neck now, would you?

  1. Price

As stated earlier in this article, in recent times the demand for jade gemstones and pieces of jewellery has risen. The sudden increased demand has led to an increase in price too.

It’s important to note that even with the increased value in the price of the jade necklace New Zealand stores have, there are still means by which you can afford the jewellery without breaking the bank.

For starters, avoid buying during the Chinese new year. Most of the jade necklace New Zealand stores have at this time, will increase dramatically in price during this period.

Also, go instead for nephrite, as opposed to jadeite if you have financial constraints. A small increase in the size of the latter will equal a large price increase.

Does The Jade Necklace New Zealand Market Have Limitations?

Jade is a highly prized, expensive, and uncommon gemstone, hence there are lots of imitations available. Knowing whether your jade is real or fake is crucial. 

The easiest method to achieve this would be to have a recognized professional examine the stone on your behalf.