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Top 7 Laser Cutting Machine Problems And How To Fix Them

Suppose you have recently installed a new laser cutting machine in your warehouse or office space, then congratulations are in order. Indeed, it’s a great device that will add immeasurable value to your business’ end margins. However, like any form of advanced technology, they are prone to encountering problems, which can inhibit their efficacy and quality. As a result, you must monitor the performance of a new laser cutting machine and report any severe issues to your provider as soon as they occur. If you choose to operate with a flawed device, you could pose many safety risks. Many of these problems can be solved quite easily; however, more severe issues will likely require an inspection from a technician from the manufacturer. Here are some of the most common problems you’ll come across with your laser cutting machine, along with a few tips on how to fix them.

Can’t connect to the device

One of the most issues is being unable to establish a connection with your device. Make sure that the board driver is installed, and that the USB cable is sufficiently plugged in. After that, if all seems fair, double-check that the network cable isn’t defective by using it on other products. Once isolating that the network cable is fine, it’s probably time to call your provider.

High voltage line sparks

This is one of the most challenging problems to deal with since it could be due to several factors. We recommend putting an insulation sleeve on the outside of the high voltage line and assess how that goes for a while. If the issue persists, we recommend reaching out to your provider.

Origin moves in the opposite direction when the device is started

If the origin moves in the opposite direction once your laser cutting machine has started, then this is a simple fix – the origin switch is broken and needs to be replaced.

Insufficient lighting

If the lighting isn’t enough, then there are several things you can check to diagnose this problem. Check if the W axis position changes at all and verify that the tube is operating effectively.

Unable to cut off

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If your laser cutting machine is unable to cut off, then this can be attributed to several different problems. These are as follows:

  • There might be low power in the tube
  • The lens could be damaged or dirty
  • The setting power of the line might not be strong enough
  • The focal length might be incorrect
  • The lens is not installed correctly and is loose

The device won’t turn on

If your laser cutting machine doesn’t turn on, then this can be attributed to one or a few problems. Some are severe, while others are a quick fix. Firstly, make sure the device is connected (the cable might have detached at some point), so while it might seem ridiculous to check, it won’t look great if a technician arrives and the device isn’t connected.

Another reason why your laser cutting machine might not turn on is the air switch might have been tripped. The emergency stop button might have accidentally been pressed, or the start button might be defective. There could even be a broken wire or poor electrical contact. As a result, if the device doesn’t turn on, it’s best not to assume the worst, since it could be due to several factors.


Control card can’t be detected

Finally, if your laser cutting machine can’t detect the control card, then chances are your control card is broken or has not been inserted correctly. If the card is fine and has been inserted correctly, then double-check that the plug-in of the computer is not damaged and that the DPIO module driver has been installed.