Living room with custom made curtains in Sydney

Reasons To Pick Custom Made Curtains

Living room with custom made curtains in Sydney

If you are renovating or just want to change a couple of things in your home, then one of the things you should think of are your curtains. Your curtains have a lot of impact on your space, not to mention they shade your home from the light, give you privacy at night, help relegate the inside temperature, among other things.

If you are thinking about getting new curtains for your home, then you probably already know just how many choices there are available. But one of the most important is certainly going to be if you go with ready made or custom made. There are benefits to both, but if you are looking to do things right, then custom made curtains in Sydney are the choice for you!

Have a read on below at some of the main reasons to pick custom made curtains:

No Compromises

With custom made curtains Sydney providers, you do not have to make any compromises and you have the ability to get exactly what you want. You also have the confidence that the curtains will actually fit into the space you want it to. You don’t have to measure the space and go out to purchase ready made curtains, bring it back home only to discover it isn’t the correct size!

The best custom made curtain companies will send a professional over to your home to discuss where the curtains will be going. They will also talk about your options and help you make a decision on the type of curtain to go with. Before they leave they will give you a quote along with measuring up the space.

High Quality

When you purchase ready made curtains, you can’t really be sure of the quality, but this isn’t the case when it comes to curtains that are custom made. The attention to detail is usually much higher and it will usually come with a good warranty, so if anything happens, you are covered.

Custom made curtains in Sydney are always made by someone who actually knows what they are doing, and you are getting something of high quality that is sure to last a lot longer. Even a touch of the fabric of custom made curtains in Sydney feels so much better than fabric of ready made curtains!

More Unique

There is no stock standard, cookie cutter approach here, and you are more likely to have something truly unique in your place. Having custom made curtains in Sydney is yet another way to express your unique style and you know that it is unlikely that many people have the exact same curtains as you.

You can also discuss with the company the best option for your location. For example, you may want extra thick curtains to block out the sun in summer and keep the warmth inside during winter time. They are experts who can provide the best solution for your home.

Professional Installation

It is not just about the actual curtains, but also about the installation as well. When you purchase ready made curtains, this is something you will likely have to do yourself, and unless you are a handyman or the like, it is probably best you don’t tackle it as you may just end up making the problem worse.

The purchase of custom made curtains in Sydney does come with professional installation included in the price. So you know you really don’t have to lift a finger and the only thing you have to do is actually choose the type of curtain and style/colour you want, and the rest is taken care of.

artificial grass in Adelaide

The 3 Different Materials That Make Artificial Grass In Adelaide

There is much to be said about the utility of fake alternatives to our lawns. The stigma on what is and isn’t real goes beyond a simple visual aesthetic these days, with a tremendous focus now being laid on the concept of environmentally friendly alternatives. Never has there been such variety for the artificial grass in Adelaide available that can be used in a variety of different scenarios as a realistic and more environmentally friendly option.

Today we will consider a few of the options for artificial grass in Adelaide that’s available and explore their utility in the real world.

Different Materials For Artificial Grass In Adelaide

There are several materials that comprise the artificial grass in Adelaide, oftentimes it will be a combination of different layers to evoke a different look or feel, as always, it depends on each situation. Needless to say, no blade is made equally and each one has its own little setbacks and boosts to factor in.

1.   Nylon

The strongest and sturdiest of the bunch, nylon is infamous in the fake lawn industry as the most durable and tensile material typically used in artificial grass in Adelaide. Withstanding exorbitant temperatures and unassailably heavy loads. It retains a very nice green coloring and lasts for an exceedingly long time without much care required.

The tradeoff with this particular type of artificial grass in Adelaide is the texture being quite unnatural and stiff, thus making it not as popular for backyards and common areas. It also has the unfortunate reputation for being the most expensive option currently available on the market, due to its strength and durable lifespan.

One way that this material is utilised around the home is by creating a putting section with the lawn, due to its resemblance to a golf green, it replicates the real sensation rather well. The strength of nylon is also advantageous to be used in conjunction with another style of fake lawn to give a boost in strength and overall volume, for which, nothing comes close.

2.   Polyethylene

Home with artificial grass in Adelaide

This is the natural-looking artificial grass in Adelaide without a doubt, very popular with homeowners and pet owners due to its natural look, soft feeling, and non-absorbent nature. It’s the jack of all trades when it comes to artificial grass in Adelaide as its ability to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear if the right price is paid. It’s also quite easy to clean with only a simple raking every now and then to keep the perkiness and blades upright. Again, if the budget is spent accordingly, you’ll have very little to worry about in the long term.

This particular style of artificial grass in Adelaide is primarily dominant in the home environment, with many homeowners looking for alternatives to their lawns opting for polyethylene due to its naturalistic look.

3.   Polypropylene

We come to the final budgetary option for artificial grass in Adelaide, not only is it the least expensive of all the above options, but it is also, unfortunately, the least durable and usable in an outdoor setting. Unable to withstand a lot of heat or foot traffic, the budget alternative is more akin to decoration than a realistic alternative for an already existing lawn. It is however perfect for apartment blocks and indoor pet areas where temperature control is not an issue.

There were the three main derivatives you’ll find in creating artificial grass in Adelaide, there are a few ways to combine and create different looks and feels depending on what use you have for them.

Shower box design

The Main Benefits Of Using A Shower Box In Your Bathroom

Shower box design

If you are building your new dream home, or considering renovating your house and are looking to modernise your bathroom, then a shower box design is a consideration you should make. Bathtubs and bath trays are common but are no match when it comes to a shower box in terms of functionality, and sometimes even aesthetics. More and more often are people converting their bathtubs into a shower box, and never the other way around. They have become outdated and are not as functional as their counterpart, and many of them exist simply for the aesthetic look or for those every so often bath bomb adventures.

Regardless, the functionality of the bathtub is outdated and we are going to explain the main benefits of using a shower box in your bathroom.


It is much safer than a bathtub

I think we can all agree that a shower box is definitely safer than a bathtub.

When climbing in or out of a bathtub, you are on a very slippery surface with nothing for support. There is a likelihood of slipping and injuring yourself.
This can result in injuries which can range from mild to serious, as the hard surface of a bathroom floor in combination with the structure of the bathtub will not end well with the human body. While it can be argued that a shower box poses the risk of slips and falls as well, it has support for the body in the form of walls which will likely make your fall very short and significantly reduce the risk of injury. The nature of stepping in and out of a bathtub is also inherently more risky than stepping in and out of a shower box.

For these reasons, it is a much safer investment and functional tool.


Easier to maintain

Shower room

Climbing over a bathtub rail to clean the bottom with a towel or sponge is an experience that is frustrating every single time. It is definitely easier to maintain a shower box than it is a bathtub. With a bathtub, you have to lean over the railings in an awkward and uncomfortable position, whereas the shower box simply requires the walls and floor to be mopped and scrubbed thoroughly and then it is ready to go again. For those who are not too cleaning inclined, it is a definite step up from the bathtub and it can be done in less than 10 minutes. It is also less likely to have issues such as mould growth or harder to reach areas to clean. Thereby, it is easier to maintain and you should definitely consider this when building your house or renovating your bathroom.


It is more environmentally friendly

The average time spent in a shower box is 5 minutes, and this uses considerably less water than a bathtub will. Having water running over you for 5 minutes will definitely use less water than filling up a bathtub will.

As a result, you will be more environmentally friendly and will be lessening your carbon footprint by a lot. In addition to this, unless your bathtub is big, you will not be very comfortable in there and will be wasting more water than is necessary. In these modern times with climate change being a big issue, it is important for everyone to take their environmental accountability into consideration, and a good way to do this is to stop using a bathtub.


In summary, a shower box provides many benefits and advantages over a bathtub. These should be taken into consideration when building your new home or renovating your bathroom.

woman looking outside the window

Why Blockout Curtains in Adelaide Are a Popular Domestic Product

woman looking outside the window

The industry for blockout curtains in Adelaide might be considered quite niche by nature, but the appeal for these brands is continuing to expand for local homeowners.

Packaged with all of the same regular selling points as their standard blind and curtain alternatives, these fabrics enjoy a tightly woven material with a lining and heavy backing that offers protection and comprehensive coverage.

We will take this time to detail why these products are so popular with South Australian homes and why customers should take more notice with blockout curtains in Adelaide for their next investment decision.


Reducing Household Glare

One of the key selling points for constituents to seek out blockout curtains in Adelaide is because of the continual glare that they are subjected to in the mornings or afternoons. Whether residents prefer to have a lie-in, they are working on something or need to focus on a screen or piece of material, that glare can be a genuine frustration. The extra lining and thick fabric take that experience out of the equation for a pleasant domestic environment to reside.


Controlling Room Temperature

The thermal insulation that arrives with blockout curtains in Adelaide offers a completely different dimension to their counterparts. To trap the heat through the air conditioning unit or to cool the room down without the glare, the intervention of this material is beneficial. It will also reduce the need to run the AC unit when there is a natural filtration process through the blockout brand.


Helping Sleeping Patterns

Sleep is a major component for constituents who feel like blockout curtains in Adelaide will help them obtain their 8 hours during the evening or throughout the day. Especially for shift workers who work through the night and need their sleep during the day, the installation of these goods will allow them to receive that much-needed sleep. There are a number of health issues that are lacked to sleep deprivation, so this item will be more than a marginal gain.


Unique Style Selections

blockout curtains in the bedroom

The variety in the style that is on show with blockout curtains in Adelaide makes them an appealing asset. From the bright fabrics and vibrant colour schemes to the darker tones and neutral offerings that are consistent with particular paint presentations, homeowners have the chance to match a brand that meets their aesthetic standards and tastes.


Security Measures

Although Adelaide locals don’t like to consider this domain too much, there are some residents in building areas and heavily dense locations where an extra layer of protection and security is advantageous. There are a number of options at the disposal of families who want to keep prying eyes away from thinly veiled curtains, but the inclusion of thick fabrics with heavy backings ensures that no external source can view through the windows.


Perfect For The Movies

Home entertainment systems can cost residents thousands upon thousands to set up. As the initial credits are rolling for the Saturday movie, that tinge of glare is filtering through the regular curtain or blind set and the experience is ruined. This is where blockout curtains in Adelaide become a major asset for those who love to sit back and watch a motion picture with family members and friends.


Affordable Solutions

Adelaide homeowners are able to assess the financial viability of these blockout varieties without forking out any money to begin with. Local suppliers will offer these brands through an obligation-free quote, providing a transparent run through for South Australians to see which outlets are affordable and who prices themselves off the market entirely.