storage in Wyong

How Storage In Wyong Can Help You Level Up Your Small Business

Getting a small business off the ground is a tough gig, but sometimes, helo can come from the most surprising places – like storage in Wyong for example. While it may not seem like your business could gain any benefit from storage in Wyong, it could actually be one of your greatest resources in getting started. Here’s how:

A Safe Place To Keep Inventory

For starters, storage in Wyong provides the perfect safe place to keep and organise your inventory. Many small business owners keep their stock in their home, but this isn’t practical with larger amounts and can make it difficult to separate work from your home life. By keeping your stock in storage in Wyong, however, you eliminate this issue and make it easier to scale as you can simply rent a second unit when you outgrow your first rather than trying to find more space you can take over within your home.

Keep All Your Documents In One Place

Another benefit of using storage in Wyong as part of your business strategy is that it allows you to keep and secure all of your documents in one place. Simply dedicate a corner within your unit to keeping filing cabinets rather than stock and you’ve got an easy filing system. This may not seem necessary at first, but paper can take up a lot of space when it builds up, and as a business you’re required to keep years worth of documentation for tax purposes so storage in Wyong is a logical solution.

Allow Easy Access For Staff

storage in Wyong

Keeping your stock away from your home and in storage in Wyong also allows you to grant easy access for staff. Having your employees wandering around your home wholesale is far from ideal, but keeping everything they need to do their jobs in storage in Wyong negates the need for this. It also means that you don’t always have to be present and helps with creating work-life balance as the people you work with have no need to be in your personal space unless you invite them in as friends. 

Have A Dedicated Work Area

We know we keep going on about separating work life from personal life but it really is vital, especially as an entrepreneur. For this reason, we strongly recommend keeping all things business related in storage in Wyong rather than your home. This even includes your work phone if you spend your working hours within your business space and don’t advertise that you’re available at all times. While this could technically be achieved by having a dedicated home office that is only ever entered during work hours, this is only possible if you have enough space and would also require you to be able to keep all personal things out of the room which isn’t particularly practical within your own home.

Provide An Address That Isn’t Your Home

Finally, keeping your stock in storage in Wyong allows you to provide an address that isn’t your home when local customers want to pick up their order. While you’re quite within your rights to not offer collection as an option, many customers do appreciate it, especially if they want to receive their order quickly, so it’s always nice to have the option to provide it without having random customers know where you live. 

So there you have it, sometimes ideas that seem completely from left field can actually be fantastic ones. If you think that making use of storage in Wyong could be useful for your business, reach out to your preferred facility and start getting set up – after all, we only regret the opportunities we don’t take.

custom sheep yards

Should you build custom sheep yards?

Custom sheep yards have quickly become increasingly popular because it’s thought that they make it much easier and quicker to manage sheep movement. Many people favour circular shapes over rectangular shapes for custom sheep yards as well because it’s believed that they improve handling of sheep and give operators more control over herding them into the right areas. 

U shaped sheep yards have acquired considerable appeal for sheep breeders looking to build custom sheep yards. Y shapes and U designs are also popular.  

The benefit of a U shaped type of custom sheep yard is that it’s a much simpler shape, building costs are lower and already built yards in a rectangular may be changed to this style quite easily. 

So, what are the elements that should be included in custom sheep yards of this shape? 

Large areas for holding

These regions can be built from fairly light materials to save construction expenses. There’s likely to be more pressure around the gates, necessitating the use of stronger materials. Make sure gates are at least a few metres wide as this will allow for simple entry from the outside of the yard and easy flow to the area where sheep will be confined. It’s a good rule of thumb to allow one sheep per square metre for the size and number of holding spaces on the farm. 

Narrow forcing yards 

Narrow and long forcing yards are ideal when building custom sheep yard, as this allows for the movement of sheep in mobs. In forcing yards, around 3 or so metres in is the ideal width because you will have less control in custom sheep yards that are more than 6 metres wide. To make it easier for the sheep to go around, use broad gates and avoid right-angled or sharp corners if possible. 

The ‘bugle’ shape 

With this shape, all of the yard’s attention is focused on a circular forcing pen. Every time a flock of sheep enters a yard, they travel through it in the same way. The same region is utilised to send sheep elsewhere like the work race, the dip, or the shearing shed. 

Circular yards are said to be efficient since sheep return to their paddocks in the same direction they came from, which is their natural flow. This is made easier by the use of the bugle. 

It’s important to cover the inside of the bugle’s fence for 5 metres back from where the draught begins. This is critical for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • They prefer to follow when they notice the mass moving around the next corner
  • The operator at the draught is not as likely to scare the sheep as they approach the turn.
  • Sheep cannot see the sheep behind them until they approach so they’re less likely to baulk

The entrance to the drafting race is critical in terms of design. The sheep will be able to stand, see the operator ahead of time and baulk if there is too much space left on the outer fence. To keep this from happening, turning into the drafting race area should be fairly tight and narrow. This area is heavily trafficked, so it needs to be built very robustly to handle the pressure. Race length should be around the 3 metre mark. In order to properly inspect the sheep, the operator must have ample time; if the race is too long, baulking can occur, causing movement and handling of the sheep to be disrupted. 

If you’re planning on building custom sheep yards, keep these things in mind and you should see good results!

drinking fountains

Safety Tips And Benefits Of Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains or water bubblers are designed to gush out water continuously. They were created to provide free hydration to thousands of people. It comprises a basin and a tap that constantly gushes out water.

In earlier years, drinking fountains used to be quite popular. These bubblers provided an economic benefit by quenching the thirst of passers-by; It saved thousands of people the stress of buying bottled waters.

Before providing potable water in private homes, public spaces made drinkable water available to citizens of various cities. Some of the structures can still be seen in these cities to date. Drinking fountains are primarily found in public spaces like parks, schools, libraries, and stores.

If you’ve been wondering, how does drinking fountains work? They go through the same process as the tap water, which flows from sinks at home or in school. However, contamination of this water spout results from chemicals and outdated infrastructure.

Faucets can harbour so many bacteria, which causes illness and infection. The most common bacteria commonly found in them are Legionella, Giardia, Norovirus, E.coli, and more. These diseases upset the stomach and cause severe infections, aches, and flu-like symptoms.

Safety Tips For Using Drinking Fountains

Concerns about water hygiene and quality have led to a spurn in using these water sprouts. However, specific safety tips have been put in place to control the spread of diseases. Some of these safety tips include:

  • Get your water tested at least once a year. Suppose you own a library, school, or any public space with a water facility. In that case, you should consider employing the services of a water testing agency to conduct a professional assessment of your facility’s water.
  • Water spouts in facilities with children should be cleaned at least once daily.
  • Disinfectants should be used to scrub the entire surface of the fountain, including its handles, basins, protective guard, and mouthpiece, and should be wiped down afterward with a clean cloth.
  • Inform people who drink from it to let it run for three to five seconds before using it. Allowing it to run first can help rinse off bacteria.

Benefits Of Drinking Fountains

Having safe drinking fountains should be a priority for the public’s health. When all these safety tips are put in place, the benefits of these water spouts are better appreciated. Below are some of these benefits.

  • Accessible And Inclusive: These structures must be made accessible to all community members. It should be made in consideration of physically challenged people. It has to be at a certain height to suit wheelchair users.
  • Convenience: They are usually situated in pivotal spaces in a public or private area. It gives users the comfort of staying hydrated at all times.
  • Economic And Eco Friendly: Access to water is beneficial to you, your pocket, and the environment. It’ll also ensure lesser plastic waste pollution by reducing the use of bottled water.
  • Efficient: water fountains can handle different weather conditions and harsh environments. It’s made to last for years without suffering wear and tear.
  • Low maintenance: They rarely undergo extensive maintenance. These systems provide constant water as long as they are connected to the main water supply.

Since hydration is essential, drinking fountains will continue to remain highly beneficial. However, you should follow the following safety tips if you’re a consistent user of this water source.

Woman printing a t-shirt

The Types Of Promotional Products For Your Business To Thrive

Promotional products are at the forefront of any business designed for success. When you have your company name, logo, and design, placed on an item it represents your business to the world. We live in a world where branding is everything and more and more people are heavily reliant on a good image to represent their business. A name to face. Ranging from clothing wear, accessories, stationary and other branding merchandise, promotional products are the best way for your company to stand out from the competition. With this incredible range, you will have all the gear to advertise your company to your customers. Here are the kinds of promotional products you can expect to captivate your customers.


And what’s not love with the best of the best promotion products, accessories. Flaunt your stuff with glossy wear to accentuate your look. They’ve got it all whether or not you want to fancy up your bag, headwear, and other apparel, these promotion products will let your company soar high. Hold your head up with a range of hats including bucket hats, caps, beanies, visors, straw hats and much more. They will not only protect you from the sun, but it will make your company shine through, attracting passers-by, who see your bucket hat. Add a little oomph to your outfit with these promotional products at the ready.


Team discussing which items to use as promotional products

The beauty of print! You can label a t-shirt, a pair of pants, a sweatshirt, jacket, and many other clothing items all with the company name and logo as promotional products. They can customise depending on your branding design and personal preferences, tailormade to your business’ specifics. They can do a variety of fonts, colours, and so forth to make sure it is in line with your company’s image. With all these benefits, it is the best choice to unveil your business out in the world. Wear you company like a badge of honour and in this way, you’ll do it in style.


Stationery is the utmost important branding gear for your company. Every time a customer writes with a pen, pencil or using your notepad, they’ll think of you. Write out a good story for your company with promotional products, this company will be at your side. Write out your dreams having the best designs and visions for stationery that suit with your business. There are even desk accessories, reminding your clients of your company while you work. Next time you take notes or click your mouse,

Gifts for the perfect occasion

A gift is always the best shout out for a celebration! Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or any other events, there is just the perfect present for the occasion. These promotional products includes cheeseboards, wine buckets, holders, beach towels, Bluetooth speakers and more, promoting your business in the most giving way possible. These promotional products include balloons and fun filled games to remind you of your company how exciting and joyous they are.

Promotional products are the best way to showcase your pride and joy for the company. Ranging from stationary, accessories, clothing, and much more there are many different options of branding to choose from. With this in mind, you will get to advertise your business in style. Whether you are donning on a company jacket or wearing a tote bag with the logo encrusted on, these promotional products will showcase your company into the limelight. You will have the perfect something to remind your clients and customers of the wonderful things your company offers. Promotional products are the way to go for any business looking to thrive among competitors.

Businessman using custom stamps

How Businesses Can Acquire Their Own Custom Stamps

Businesses in the market for their own collection of custom stamps recognise how valuable these components happen to be. Whether they are signing off on invoices, reports and paperwork to marking products on glass surfaces and ceramic profiles, these unique items really do make life easier.

Thankfully they are made in a user-friendly fashion where companies can stamp and go as they please, ensuring that productivity levels do not drop at any point. For owners and managers who want the best for their enterprise, they can follow some sage advice about acquiring these items.

Determine What Kind of Stamp is Required

Businesses who are in the market for custom stamps should already be thinking about what type of design they are seeking, even if they feel like they are days or weeks away from the actual project. From the size to the colour scheme, the shape and the details placed on the stamp including name, logo, numbers, addresses and more, these elements are the basis for what will be crafted from the supplier.

Set a Commercial Budget

Those outlets who have a very definitive idea about how much custom stamps should cost are already saving themselves time and stress with this process. Just running a quick online search will already produce a number of sites that detail their price point, helping those companies who want to know how much they need to spend on this venture.

Assess Suppliers Online

Man using custom stamps in a document

If there is one way to gauge how brands in the industry of custom stamps perform for the wider community, it will be discovered through online ratings and reviews. Whether it is via search engines, social media channels, selective websites or apps, there will be consumers who are happy to publish what they think of the supplier, including both positive and negative feedback given their experience.

Speak With Industry Peers

Local enterprises often like to talk to each other about their experiences and who they like to use for all sorts of endeavours. From couriers and material providers to everything in between, who they decide to trust for their success will be valuable currency to assess. The same can be said for those who create and sell custom stamps, offering a pathway for those peers who want validation about who they are buying from.

Examine Samples Up Close

The best approach for those businesses who want their own set of custom stamps is to approach stores directly to get a good look and feel for the design in person. They will be able to see how the stamp applies to the pad, discuss how durable the product happens to be, see how it is applied to the surface of an item and make a personal judgment in real time.

Reflect on Package Availability

Providers of these stamps will often set a standard package offering to their commercial constituents, allowing them to invest more or less in their creation depending on their manufacturing requirements and budget. Those policies will differentiate between outlets so it is valuable to gauge what they are and whether or not they are deemed accessible at the time.

Start With a Small Initial Order

Local clients who want to acquire these goods are advised to take stock of what they have discovered and for those businesses that have met the standard, begin the project off with initial order. It will help them to stay on top of their budget before progressing further with additional stamps for department officials when they are deemed valuable.

The act of acquiring custom stamps for businesses can be an easy and straightforward project to manage for those who are confident with their local outlet and what they bring to the table. They are by and large affordable collections that are ideal for all of those branding and processing requirements. The trick is being able to select and hire a service provider who matches industry standard and delivers the goods.

Skateboard shop near me

How Am I Able To Go About Finding A Skateboard Store Near Me And What Hours They Are Going To Be Open?

Wanting something and actually being able to get that wanted thing are usually two very different things. More often than not, people will know exactly what it is that they want but they won’t have the slightest clue about what to do in order to get that thing that they want. Sometimes this is because this is something that other people have always taken care of for them or it may be because this is simply their first time finding these said things.

Whatever it may be, people’s task at hand is then for them to figure out how they are able to go about getting the thing that they want. The great news is that once people do some digging, they may begin to realise that the task at hand is actually a lot easier than they originally thought. So, to best aid those who are asking “how am I able to go about finding a skateboard store near me and what hours they are going to be open”, this is an article that will hopefully help answering this.

Those who are asking “how am I able to go about finding a skateboard store near me and what hours they are going to be open” can find this information out by looking at the businesses Google listing

Person carrying a skateboard

Those who are asking “how am I able to go about finding a skateboard store near me and what hours they are going to be open” can find this information out by looking at the businesses Google listing. When someone has a business, they are able to create what is known as a Google listing. This means that when someone Google’s their name or a relevant search term, their business will show up on the side of the page of search results.

Furthermore, they can add photos to this area, they can add their contact details, and they can even add their opening and closing hours. On top of all of this, they can have direct links to their products and their customers can even leave them reviews. All in all this is the perfect little hub for people to find out information about a business.

Those who are asking “how am I able to go about finding a skateboard store near me and what hours they are going to be open” can find this information out by simply calling the store and asking them

Those who are asking “how am I able to go about finding a skateboard store near me and what hours they are going to be open” can find this information out by simply calling the store and asking them. This may seem like one of the most obvious steps to take but it would be surprising for some to learn that this is often the last thing that people will think of. As mentioned above, people may be able to find their contact details via Google or they may be able to find them via their social media pages or website.

However it is that they gain their contact number, usually, the best thing is for them to call them to ask them about their operating hours as well as for directions of how to get there. This will usually help will people not wasting their time by trying to go there at hours where they are not open. While some may be scared to chat to someone over the phone this is usually best.