Two workers installing commercial solar panels

Advice for Companies Sourcing Commercial Solar Panels in 2021

Two workers installing commercial solar panels

Companies on the lookout for commercial solar panels in 2021 will understand the value of this investment in green technology. As a sustainable power resource, constituents will save big on the back end as the organisation shifts away from the public grid. Before accepting the word of the nearest supplier, it is worthwhile looking at the criteria that determines which business is best to deal with in this sector.


Determine Solar Panel Requirements

Businesses who are looking at commercial solar panels as an asset won’t have to be boxed into a single product. This is an industry that provides clients with modern polycrystalline designs and their mono-crystalline counterparts. It will be a subjective decision that will require an assessment of the budget, the power consumption rates, the longevity of the item and its efficiency for the consumer. All options can be catered for in this setting, but the enterprise will have to reflect on their own demands first.


Acquiring Multiple Quotes

Dealing with these suppliers in 2021 is about acquiring as much information from the industry as possible. It is now an expectation placed on these outlets to send a representative upon request to ensure that the community has all of the necessary information about product and price at their fingertips. The more quotes that are received from the customer, the easier it will be to make an educated choice on its merits.


Source Direct Local Referrals

There is no substitute for speaking with people directly about their experience with commercial solar panels in the local area. The high-end retail suppliers have an inherent advantage when it comes to brand awareness, but there might be undervalued local practitioners who deserve more recognition with their word-of-mouth referrals. Engage other members and peers in the public or private sector before making contact with solar specialists.


Brand Longevity

Buying a set of panels for a commercial site in 2021 should deliver decades of quality use before any replacements or upgrades are utilised. The fact remains that some thin film panels don’t live up to those expectations, creating a spectrum for clients to assess. By taking note of their performance track record online and connecting with specialists directly, shoppers can see for themselves which utilities continue to deliver excellence into the second decade of their implementation.

Establish Budgetary Expectations

Once those quotes have been found for commercial solar panels, owners and managers will be in a position to set out their budget expectations and stick firm to that figure. This is a major consideration for any brand, but especially for those at a local level who don’t have the luxury of making a poor investment decision. By setting official financial parameters with this project, owners won’t be shortchanged for value.

Assess Maintenance & Repair Provisions

The last experience any business wants with commercial solar panels in 2021 is seeing the technology fail. If the outlet is trusted and provides expertise on the ground for their clientele with maintenance and repair provisions, then they will be worth doing business with in the long-term. It might be a topic that they mention in passing yet it is mandatory that those policies are written down on paper.


Examine Warranty Policy

To enjoy complete peace of mind with commercial solar panels as an installation project, business community members must run their eye over the fine print with the warranty. It can be a tricky exercise because these measures can vary from as little as 12 months with the cheaper models or extend into the 8-10 year range or beyond in some cases. It is more than just a minor detail with commercial solar panels because it allows for those maintenance provisions and financial protections to be enacted after the installation has been completed.