Woman flexing her body with a minimal bikini

6 Tips for First Time Buyers of a Minimal Bikini

Woman flexing her body with a minimal bikini

First-time shoppers who are on the lookout for their very own minimal bikini design have an entire industry at their disposal.

This risqué swimwear line is not for everyone with their summer wardrobe selection, but it helps to show off the figure at the beach or the pool, offering a different dimension to the regular swimwear products.

Before rushing the process and taking an item that feels convenient at the time, take note of these six tips.


1) Checking Brands Online

The minimal bikini explosion is in large thanks to the spread of social media and digital marketing platforms. Sites like Instagram have made these lines more accessible to the general public, but it is also an environment where shoppers review and rate the respective sellers according to their quality. First-time visitors should run a scan of these companies and determine who actually meets the high standards and which outlets fall short of expectation.


2) Trying The Items In-Store

There are some items that can be purchased online without having to do too much homework. From a winter coat and jacket to a fun hat or summer t-shirt, consumers only have to really know their generic size profile before hitting the ‘buy now’ button. This is very different from other goods like shoes and a minimal bikini because there is far less room for error. Too tight and the material will bust. Too loose and there will be an embarrassing mishap. For first time shoppers in this realm, identify outlets that offer brands to be tried in-store and get a tangible feel for the fit.


3) Buying The Right Material Ratio

With less material to play with through a minimal bikini brand, the quality of the fabric has to be impeachable. The slightest rip with this delicate swimsuit profile can be a fashion disaster, so it is essential that customers examine the nature of the fabric. The best providers will offer products that are designed with polyamide, nylon, elastane, or lycra for a degree of stretch, durability, and comfort. There will be more risqué product lines that venture outside of this dynamic, but first time shoppers should stick within these parameters to get comfortable with the exercise.


4) Appropriate Colour Tone

Given the dearth of material that is on the show with the minimal bikini, the color tone really is the standout feature for the product. Some will prefer the cool and dark color tones like black, navy blue, and purple while others want to bring out the color of the beach or pool setting with reds, yellows, whites, and gold. Consider what presentation fits with the personality first, because a poor selection will see the item kept in the back of the closet.


5) Right Cups for Right Busts

The difference between the cups with these types of bikinis will be a key point of consideration for consumers. There will be the g-string variants, micro alternatives, the barely-there interpretations and other teardrop and beach styles that suit different cup sizes. The larger busts will clearly require an additional level of support when contrasted with the modest bust sizes. This is why the in-store fitting exercise is essential, identifying a piece that is comfortable and supportive.


6) Buying Multiple Items

If there is the budget available to source a few different minimal bikini lines, then that is a sensible move. These brands are delicate at the best times and although they should be designed with the top material in the market, there is the risk of incurring a rip or tear that causes the item to be discarded at quick notice. Having a minimal bikini backup pair is the smart move, especially for those traveling away on location.